New design LED bulb for XZENA series

Our series XZENA of LED\'s filament is innovative for relying on additional services which other similar models lack, being our aim to assure the permanence and reliability that quite professional needs. Available in versions with extra-warm CCT of 2700K and warm of 3000K. Standard or dimeable models. More information... ...ver más

New XZENA series. High quality LED spotlights

FULLWAT always develops different style designs to reach special refinement. Our customers always expect best economical solution with highest quality from FULLWAT product range. Quality is our main set objective when we choose a possible new product for our catalog. More information...   ...ver más

NEW STACKLED series – Waterproof LED fixtures

FULLWAT STACKLED series are manufactured with 6063 aluminum cooling shape and IP65 waterproof rate, they are suitable for outdoor applications wherever lighting energy saving is necessary and they are placed in warm or wet zones. Click here to accede to this series information including a video where you can  verify its hardiness, resistance and waterproof. ...ver más

Switching power supplies – DIN rail

* Main specifications of FULLWAT DIN rail switching power supplies standard series are the following: shortcircuit and overload protection, cooling by free air convection .... ...ver más

Battery holders

* As experienced importers in battery market, our company offers a wide range of battery holders. Within this section you can choose one simple holder for a couple of AA size batteries and also specific lithium battery holders to PCB asembling in conventional or SMT soldering job. ...ver más

Power DC/DC converters

* Main specifications of FULLWAT DC/DC converters full range are: short-circuit, overload and overvoltage protection, high power density, EMC interference immunity... ...ver más

DC/AC converters

* Mains electrical portability is one of the most interesting fields. Wherever we need an electrical current and we have not got mains, the Inverter will be necessary to get AC mains from any DC battery so this kind of prodcuts are obliged in our range. ...ver más

M36 DIN RAIL-2 module wide power supplies

* These power supplies models are suitable for electrical register facilities assembling thanking to special adapted enclosure and standardized M36 DIN RAIL-2 dimensions. Modular size is suitable for general assembling without changing estetic or dimensions from another elements as PLCs... ...ver más

Leds supply drivers – Constant voltage

* Our led lighting product range would not be full without reliable and widest selection of led drivers and switching power supplies. We want our customers to find in our catalog the largest models selection for every project. Our brand large experience in SPS is a great support ...ver más

All and Featured

* FULLWAT LED flashlights offer reduced size and great luminosity. New technology with LED allows lighting without contrasts nor hoops. This technology with LED allows batteries a life 20 times longer and the light bulbs surpasses 100,000 hours of working life. ...ver más