New design LED bulb for XZENA series

Our series XZENA of LED\'s filament is innovative for relying on additional services which other similar models lack, being our aim to assure the permanence and reliability that quite professional needs. Available in versions with extra-warm CCT of 2700K and warm of 3000K. Standard or dimeable models. More information... ...ver más

New XZENA series. High quality LED spotlights

FULLWAT always develops different style designs to reach special refinement. Our customers always expect best economical solution with highest quality from FULLWAT product range. Quality is our main set objective when we choose a possible new product for our catalog. More information...   ...ver más

NEW STACKLED series – Waterproof LED fixtures

FULLWAT STACKLED series are manufactured with 6063 aluminum cooling shape and IP65 waterproof rate, they are suitable for outdoor applications wherever lighting energy saving is necessary and they are placed in warm or wet zones. Click here to accede to this series information including a video where you can  verify its hardiness, resistance and waterproof. ...ver más

New ultraviolet led strips

FULLWAT prepares numerous innovations for this second semester of 2013 and the first one of them comes from the hand of the ultraviolet tonality. This type of led is difficult to obtain if follow the FULLWAT requeriments: the selection of the homogeneity in this type of tonality is complicated and is needed of a work ...ver más

Surface downlights – KRYOVER series

New KRYOVER line are perfectly suitable for non-fitting applications. Fixing is very easy on solid ceiling or solid wall surfaces. Driver is internally incorporated and just 230VAC power supply is necessary. They are ideally used in residential zones ...ver más

New built-in LED display DIN rail power supplies

In our constant evolution of the range of products, we have adapted the series of the simplest DIN rail power supplies with an improvement in its specifications. During the second semester of this year 2013, every power supplies of the series FUS-XXD-yy in their different powers, will incorporate LED Display of four digits that ...ver más

LED lighting new catalogues

* Download our new LED lighting catalogues in PDF version: Decorative LED lighting, LED Lighting for Indoor/Outdoor, Lamps for street lighting, Optical fabrics FABRILED... Download page ...ver más

New catalogue of power supplies

* FULLWAT launches its new range of universal power supplies for consumer applications. In this catalog you can find adaptors and converters for all your devices, whether in your home, for your travels or for your portable devices. Download PDF version ...ver más

Compact size AC/DC inverter.

Main characteristic of PDAMICRO-12 AC/DC inverter is its small size. It is manufactured integrating last PWM technology that allows to reduce several times their size without affecting device performance. ...ver más

Lithium button cell.

FULLWAT improves its product full range with a high quality lithium button cell line. These cells can be supplied with terminals in different positions, under order. Contact to our sales and technical departmentto get more information. ...ver más